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What people say…

“A great resource, I read every issue.”—Vitaly Friedman, SmashingMag
“It’s pretty fantastic. (…) I read it every week. There's always at least an article or two I’ve missed and the links are usually A+.”—Addy Osmani
“The ‘best web developer newsletter award’ goes to wdrl.info #personalnetawards”—Bastian Allgeier
“Gold. This is the one least likely to carry something that is in the broader industry news outlets, and most likely to carry nuggets that you wouldn’t find elsewhere (unless you had Anselm’s contacts, I guess). It’s the only one that doesn’t have a barrow of its own to push (not there’s anything wrong with that), and maybe that helps to give it a less partisan or parochial air.”—Ricky Onsman
“I subscribe to a lot of dev newsletters, but this one is my fave. Expertly curated!”—Drew Lustro