The Web Development Reading List is curated for you and gives you an overview of the most important links over the week. It helps you to stay up-to-date but it also costs me work time and actual money to run the project.

I don’t sell ads or sponsored links in the project so I fully rely on my reader’s donation and the gratitude of some companies. So this projects currently lives from the author’s spare time. Please consider paying for the service you love and that helps you gain your own money. Thanks!

Founded in 2013 with 50 subscribers for the first issue, the list has now grown to about 20.000 subscribers receiving it via email, and an uncounted number of readers on the website / via RSS. You might imagine that this is not coming for free.

The ultimate goal is to cover 100% of the costs including my work time for this project right from your donations.
Please consider an recurring donation of a feasible amount for the resource you love and you profit from so much. ♥

Current funding

All costs and calculations are based on the last 30 days.

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Curation costs

Notes on Curation Costs

This makes roughly 16 hours of work (half a work week) each month I dedicate for free to this project.

  • Curating Content (Reading, Sorting, Organizing, Writing)
  • Work on the Website, Newsletter Content and Design
  • Communication (E-Mail, Twitter, etc)