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Do you feel stressed from time to time? I do. Recently, I experimented with meditation and yoga, just to see if and how they work. There’s a lot of advice you can find online and they all claim to transform your life entirely.

Let’s be honest: yoga is great for calming your mind and exercising your body muscles, while meditation is a great way to reset your mind after a stressful day. Nevertheless, I think neither one of them can really prevent you from being stressed. I also don’t think they can solve all of your problems. But as with many things in life, they’re definitely two of the things out there that can help you improve your personal life, and probably help you calm down a bit and get you more relaxed.

An interesting thing I noticed when I registered for a weekly Yoga class: I am the sole male there and the teacher was super happy as she said many men are afraid of taking Yoga classes. And when talking about this with various colleagues, I got the impression that people think Yoga is a women thing. No—it’s for everyone and the gender doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t be afraid of trying out what can be good for you.





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