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iOS11, MS Edge 16, Functional CSS, And Understanding Rising Inequality

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Let’s talk about Microsoft, Apple and Kodak a bit this week. First, Apple announced the availability of iOS11 this week, introducing new security features, a new Safari version with important changes for the viewports due to the launch of the iPhone X. Microsoft in parallel announced the new version of their Edge-browser, bringing long-wanted features to users, making our lives easier. But at the same time while they release cool new stuff and their stocks are going up and up, it’s this behavior and the strive for more profit that is at the cost of how they treat employees—effectively pushing towards increasing inequality between people. Neil Irwin compares how companies like Apple (but they’re only one example) treat their normal employees (note that we’re not talking about developers here) in comparison to one top company called Kodak in the 1980s. An important thing we should reflect on and try to at least make things better on our own, in our agencies, at home.






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