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Chrome 62, Edge 16, InVision Studio And Tracking And Cracking Through Mobile Ads and WiFi

Hi, I’m Anselm Hannemann. Freelance webdesigner, frontend engineer, advisor. Curating WDRL, growing vegetables on a market garden farm.

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I’ve been playing around with CSS Grids today quite a lot again and must say that, despite I still don’t know everything, it’s amazing. If you have grid lists on a website, it’s so easy to let it do the right thing, and to alter columns with media queries. I can’t really imaging how it was when Flexbox was not yet available in browsers to adapt grids to various device sizes. Flexbox made a lot of things much easier but dealing with gaps between items, for example, or specifying different sizes is still quite an effort without the super handy grid-gap, grid-template properties, the repeat() function and the fr-unit. All these little helpers now offer us a convenient way to write lean code. And since this week, Microsoft Edge supports the Grid module as well in its stable version.