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Understanding Society, Spectral Font, 1.4bn Passwords, Breaking HSTS, And A CSS Grid Calendar

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Today I read an article about the current young work-generation that was eye-opening. It’s hard to grasp words like “Millenials” and there’s much talk about specific issues they face but it’s not easy for many of us to understand the fundamental issues, regardless whether you’re older or younger than me (I qualify under the Millenial generation). But the quite long but entertaining and super informative article by Michael Hobbes revealed a lot to me. Not only that I can now understand and even relate to quite some of these facts outlined there but also why it’s so hard to understand how different age-groups form society and migth not see what they’re doing to other people’s lives by making a decision for their own lives.

We can relate to that in many aspects. When building web projects, we make a decision as developer, as entrepreneur, as marketing strategist, as support staff. We often base our decision on what is best for us, not thinking about how this decision affects other people. By not building accessible websites we excluse millions of users, by implementing better analytics events and libraries to understand users better, we give data of our users to third-parties, putting the lives of some of them at risk. It sometimes seems impossible to make a decision that is right, and we feel so overwhelmed by the fact that we can’t do the right thing that we dismiss all the reasonable, all the well formed decisions and focus solely on what’s best for ourselves. We can be smarter—and while we probably won’t be able to do everything right—we can still do small steps better and reasonably think about what we can do instead of getting overwhelmed. It’s not easy, but maybe can be something we want to incorporate for our next year’s resolution?








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