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Custom Elements News, React lazy Method, The `prefers-color-scheme` Media Query And Human Customer Support

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The web is fascinating. Just when you think there’s not much news happening right now you’re proved wrong. This week brings massive news for how we can work with Custom Elements given the very good fresh support in Firefox (along with Chrome which has support since a while already) and some nice new libraries that help us write better Custom Elements despite some browser inconsistencies. The whole Custom Elements and Shadow DOM API fascinates me as it’s a niche topic and very unknown and underused yet in the community but very powerful and could change the ways we built components drastically. I’m still a bit sad that until now I haven’t found the time to play around with it and implement a custom element in one of my projects—I already have some ideas where this would be very useful. Maybe during Winter, I’ll find some time for this. Do you have such a topic that fascinates you as well but haven’t got to play with it yet? If you want, let me know and just reply or write me a Tweet, Mastodon, or Email.




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