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I’m happy to be back with a new edition of my Web Development Reading List in 2019. I’m grateful for all your ongoing givings to support my work and it makes me happy to hear that so many people find this resource very helpful. So if you enjoy reading it, share it with people you know, give me feedback or support it with a small amount of money.

This article hit myself hard this week. I’m seeing myself in this group of people described “Millenials” (I do think it affects way more and older people than just the today 20 year olds) and when a friend sent me this article it took me a while to read through but I could relate to so many things, struggles mentioned in there that I’m now thinking these problems are bigger than I ever imagined. And they will affect society, politics, each individual on our planet. It will be necessary to get way more people who can guide or help people with mental struggles, to help people find their path in life and re-introduce the concept of real, human friendship which allows us to talk with our closest friends about anything that disturbs us or show our fears and talk about them. It’s crazy to hear that most people today will answer that they don’t have a friend they could talk to about mental health issues while two decades ago the average answer was still around five.

Let’s ensure we offer our friends to talk with us about tough things, and try to understand younger generations instead of ignoring them or even making fun of them. 2019 should be a year where we, in our circle of influence, make it great to live in a human community and can think with excitement and happiness about our friends, neighbours and people we work with or talk to on the Internet.



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