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5min meetings, Basic as virtue, and Well engineered text form fields.

Hi, I’m Anselm Hannemann. Freelance webdesigner, frontend engineer, advisor. Curating WDRL, growing vegetables on a market garden farm.

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Do we make our lives too complex, too busy, and too rich? More and more people working with digital technology realise over time that a simple craft and nature are very valuable. Getting more productive and the constant hunt to do more, including making wellness and sports a competition as well doesn’t seem to be a great idea, yet currently this is a trend in our modern world. After work, we need to do 2hrs of Yoga and be able to make the craziest figures, we need a hobby, binge watch series on Netflix, and more. This week I encourage you to embrace a basic lifestyle.

“To live a life in which one purely subsists on the airy cream puffs of ideas seems enviably privileged: the ability to make a living merely off of one’s thoughts, rather than manual or skilled labor.”—Nadia Eghbal in ‘Basic’.

What does basic stand for? Keep it real, don’t do crazy over hours, don’t try to pack your work day with even more tasks and find more techniques to hack it and be more effective. Don’t try to hack your productivity, your sleep, let alone your meditaion, yoga or other wellness/sport time. Do what you need to to and enjoy silence and doing nothing when you’re finished. Living a basic life is a virtue and it becomes more relevant again as we have more money to spend on unnecessary goods and more technology that intercept our human, basic thoughts around things.





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