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Hi, I’m Anselm Hannemann. Freelance webdesigner, frontend engineer, advisor. Curating WDRL, growing vegetables on a market garden farm.

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It’s interesting to reflect on our own behaviour: We can often enough catch ourselves complaining or ranting about other people—some of them we know personally, some we don’t. I’m currently reading a (German) book that’s written mostly for farmers but I can’t stop thinking it should be read by anyone, especially non-farmers. Of course it tackles our climate, but more importantly, it points out how we end up in the situation of fueling climate change. It reveals how our social behaviour is broken once we are not in direct contact with people anymore. It’s relatively easy for us to thank beloved ones or a craftsman showing up at your house to repair something, but it’s hard to show the same appreciation to those who grow our coffee, to those who make our shirts and jeans.

It’s hard for us to feel empathy with people in the news, with famous people while it’s easy to complain about them or be envious. But what if we try to show empathy? Maybe they grew into their role and don’t even like all the show business or attention from media. What if we try to see them as part of our society and while their influence may seem bigger than our own, it’s upon us to influence the world around us, not the media’s. We can choose whether to watch TV and do nothing but complain about how bad everything is or take some action, self-reflected, with our friends, neighbours, maybe with strangers who feel the same.

It’s our choice whether we declutter our flat, whether to consume cheap meat, whether to be annoyed by the climate news, or whether we use our common sense and try to help other people, other animals, other plants, trees and in the end ourselves by showing gratitude, appreciation and creating a social, helpful community again. It doesn’t matter where it starts—it can be online, at work, with your clients, while shopping groceries, at home with your friends, children or neighbours.








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