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I’ve been pretty busy this week and work got me full time. This reading list is a bit late but this gave me the time to incorporate even more interesting stuff so you will have something to read over the Sunday or the next week.

By chance, I stumbled over an important article on zdnet which made me listen up a few days ago. Mozilla as we know is dependent of Google’s funding but now they’re planning to integrate ads into their ‘New Tab’ page (and who knows where else) to fight on that dependency.
I think it is important that a company like Mozilla who is fighting for the open web and living this purpose is getting full support from the community.
It is time to start using an independent browser like Firefox and also donating to the company who helps you earn your money. Oh and by the way, someone researched and found out that it’d cost as as low as $0.55 per month to finance Twitter. It’s time we start to pay for our independence.

But now to the web development links of the past week:


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Cheers and have a nice Sunday!