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Hi, I’m Anselm Hannemann. Freelance webdesigner, frontend engineer, advisor. Curating WDRL, growing vegetables on a market garden farm.

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First I wish all a great, healthy and stressles new year, and hope many of you had a bit of a calmer time over the last weeks.
In a company, culture is key to success. But how do we get to a good culture? Most importantly, we need to keep in mind that culture is not a top down approach. Anyone in a company is part of it and needs to foster it. As always, there will be some people or a specific person in the company who is leading the efforts and ideally it’s one from HR or the director itself. But what we can see in bigger companies that there are many subcultures in the various departments and teams and it all depends on these individual groups whether they spend energy on creating a communication culture, talk about work ethics or not. In the end, work for most of us happens during the most prominent 8 hours of the day—the daylight hours. Why would we spend it on a place with a bad culture? Better spend some energy on creating a healthy, warm and friendly atmosphere where we love to go to each day.






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We will read each other next year, I wish you all the best until then and hope you get some time for yourself as well.