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Hi, I’m Anselm Hannemann. Freelance webdesigner, frontend engineer, advisor. Curating WDRL, growing vegetables on a market garden farm.

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from time to time my intro isn’t entirely web-focused. I always struggle a bit when this is the case because usually it’s about sensitive topics which aren’t easy to discuss in public but this is a personal newsletter. And you can always skip the next paragraph.

personal intro

When I sent out the last edition, we were in a pandemic. Now, there’s also a new war between multiple political forces, creating fear and uncertainty around the people of the world. As if the pandemic situation wouldn’t be stressful enough, this adds up to anxiety, feelings of helplessness and »what the hell is happening in the world?« thoughts. Things aren’t normal since two years now and I the only way I currently see is people finding an arrangement with their inner self to deal with this. Which isn’t really a solution, more a compromise. I wish you all out there a lot of strength, passion, empathy and enough energy to find your own path and solution, to build your own opinion on things. If you’re directly affected of the war situation, I send you all the best wishes and my hope is for a peaceful together in near future again. At home, we have new neighbours since two weeks — a mother with her child. We try our best to keep them in a normal life, playing and talking with them while the husband/father is in danger and far away from them.

web intro

Speaking about the web we have much nicer topics to talk about, such as new iOS/Safari 15.4 with image lazy loading, Chrome and Firefox version 100, new Roboto Serif font and how to get better at achieving your goals. But if we don’t and make an exception, even then we have a cooler option than being annoyed about ourselves and instead accept the situation. And finally I’ve been surprised this morning to read that CSS-Tricks, one of my all time favorite sites is now part of Digital Ocean and I had to give Chris who built this site a public shoutout and thank you for all what he’s done so far for the web dev community.





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