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Native URL parse check, HTML popovers, and native loading states in JavaScript.

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David Cain has a lot of very good thoughts out there on his blog. When I read the current article »don’t forget to swim now and then«, I wholeheartedly agreed to many aspects in it. We people strive for activities our bodies and brains adapted to over eons, while we struggle a lot with modern and/or activities we are not a adapted to: Politics (too abstract, unpredictable), telecommunication (unreal, missing sensoric information), and others. What I think is interesting about it is that it explains why we relax when going for a swim or run, hiking, sitting in nature around a fireplace, go camping (despite it is uncomfortable compare to our home). And it’s why we are stressed when being in meetings, watching TV, news all day. Leo Babauta has some helpful ideas on how to let go of sacred cows and start new habits.

Here’s my current list of interesting web-related articles I found worth reading. It’s wonderful to see how much we can do with CSS now, that we’re getting native browser stuff like popovers, loading states and more. And I realized how weird it will be to read all my editions in a decade from now on. Most of the stuff will be outdated, even when I think it’s evergreen and highlight it. The web continues to evolve quite fast and compared to building websites only five years ago, the real challenge is to keep up to date and change our habits and old code patterns to new ones.




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