it’s great to see the support for my letter growing now again. I also received helpful feedback and as a result I integrated a button to GratiPay and PayPal (one-time donations) now prominently to the bottom of the letter. I hope you like it?

In the little spare time that I had this week I found some cool articles for you this week and don’t want to hide them from you. It’s actually a bit later than usual due to my own conference that was taking place over the last days.


Concepts & Design

Graphic showing an overview of flat designed, outlined banking and payment provider icons / logos
This week I have received a great iconset from Shaun Rubel to give away exclusively to my readers.
It’s licensed via CC-BY3.0 and if you like this, please give his project vecteezy.com a visit.
You can download the iconset from here.




Web Performance



CSS / Sass

Go beyond…