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WDRL 100


I’ve got big news to share today: The issue you get today is already the 100th edition of WDRL. Time to reflect a bit and celebrate my readers!

Over the past two years of the project I managed to gather over 5700 people to sign up for the newsletter, not counting RSS and the website. For me this is incredible, especially as I receive so much positive feedback by my dear readers. It’s great to see people supporting WDRL financially, too, to keep it a bit more sustainable.

As second announcement I am happy to tell you that starting today, my Web Development Reading List will expand its audience to Smashing Magazine. I will edit my list for them now as well and hope that this way, even more people can stay up-to-date easily.

Now, after three long weeks (I was on vacation), here are the important articles of the past weeks:



Concepts & Design


Security / Privacy

Web Performance

How DNS Works – a comic strip explaining it





Work life

Go beyond…