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HTTP Not Secure in Chrome, PWA Retrospective, Page Lifecycle API, And Plastic Roads

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My Twitter timeline sometimes results in an interesting mix between various topics from the tech industry, politics and human or environmental matters. Today I had such a moment when I scrolled and two tweets made a great connection without the authors knowing about it. First, I read that current temperatures are through the roof, followed by Uber and Lyft being responsible for additional car traffic in cities. I couldn’t resist to build a connection on that, being reminded that not every tech business is helping making things better but some are just there for profit. Car traffic is doomed already in many cities and additional traffic caused by mostly one person hiring one entire car for themselves to get somewhere is just egoistic and not social to other people needing to move around in a city. And finally, the environmental impact is significant — regardless if it’s a fuel car or electric one; every new car produced and running with some kind of non-renewable energy is doing harm to our climate. To underline why I’m not able to think positive about such companies let me link you to my personally experienced climate at home. See that no month except February was on average in the past 12 months right here, in south Germany where climate change is expected to have not much impact? And no, it’s not just a bit… it’s almost over three degrees in average and I can say I can’t remember such a dry and hot summer in a very long time. I know it’s not the nicest thing to read about these issues nearly every week but what if we do nothing? I will suffer from it, we all will. Let’s try to change our habits now in order to make our own lives as good as it is today in the mid future.




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