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Reshaping, Struggles with Agile, Checklists and The Most Effective Dose of Work.

Hi, I’m Anselm Hannemann. Freelance webdesigner, frontend engineer, advisor. Curating WDRL, growing vegetables on a market garden farm.

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Imagine you have a Garden. Now, imagine what you can make out of it, if you free yourself from the magainzes that show you the conventions: Look at our garden in June; We’re in the third year since I started with this (it was much smaller in the beginning), it took me a while to get used, I read at least ten books, researched a lot, had to learn a lot. Three years, not more. I still feel that I understand very little of the ‘ecosystem Garden’ but what I can see is that the area is already more diverse, more vivid, life-friendly, and healthier than before. The vegetables that are growing are tasting better, are more robust and it’s amazing to see all the little animals and bees who are part of this and come to our area to enjoy the flowers. For us humans, that’s not always a nice experience (deers enjoying “our” food, bugs eating “my” leafs) but for the ecosystem, it’s a great win and it shows how rare such spots are—otherwise it wouldn’t be an issue. But Gardening is just an example here, we can apply this to other areas easily—open your mind and I’m sure you can find your own “Garden” where you find peace, trust and energy.

This is how I gain strength for my job. This is how I regain trust in our world when I lose it due to the news. This is the only thing where I can say: “I can make direct impact on climate change, on creating biodiversity, on creating a better world for many people.” It’s an easy way, the others are much more complicated, more abstract, more remote. With a job that is abstract already, it helps to connect yourself with something real. This week I grabbed an interview from Elliot Jay Stocks’ Lagom magazine about an advertiser who’s now a potter—but we don’t necessarily need to switch our careers entirely, it’s sometimes enough to get a new hobby, to apply the mindset of reality to our virtual world of computers.


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