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Hi, I’m Anselm Hannemann. Freelance webdesigner, frontend engineer, advisor. Curating WDRL, growing vegetables on a market garden farm.

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“You can run-away, run-away, run-away… you gotta face this… time is running fast…” — Snoop Lion in his song ‘Rebel Way’

We can apply this quote to a lot of matters in our lives right now. Our time to do something for ourselves, for our relatives, our animals, our planet is running fast. And whether it’s about voting, about the actions to fight a pendemic or to fight to get back our human rights and freedom in face of country lock-downs, or in the fight against global warming which is getting harder each year we don’t do enough.

Have we considered the impact of our current system to develop, deploy, test and run our Internet services on the planet? How much energy is used to create all these Docker images, to run all the VMs and hardware machines that are just there to run Continuous Integration systems and get rebuilt from scratch each time we push a little piece of code? Now considering that no provider is yet powering their server clusters completely CO2 neutral, not event trying to count the energy and sources we need to build all the hardware in there, this suddenly shines in a not so bright light. At the same time we destroy the biggest value we have as humans: Our soil. By using farming techniques, chemicals that destroy the soil long-term and building more and more houses and business units on the soil, we destroy our ability to produce food that keeps us living. And then we face a pandemic and wonder why… it’s time to act. Not just to watch another video stream. To reduce our impact, to reduce our energy consumption, our car drives, our use of chemicals that hurt ourselves. And instead, we should focus on what’s doing good to us… nature, calmness, friendship, love, kindness.







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Thank you all for reading this, I hope you’re doing fine and stay positive, find your way to make an impact and help build a better society, better friendships and make our world a little better.
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