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this is already the 80th edition of this Newsletter since it started. And just yesterday the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) approved ground breaking strong rules for net neutrality. This is a huge step in the right direction and while you might think that doesn’t affect you as you’re not in the U.S. I must tell you that this isn’t the truth. It will target you as soon as you’re hitting a U.S. based server which nowadays is pretty common, especially as Amazon’s Web Services dominate the market. So let me say thank you to all who protested, who engaged for net neutrality and to people like Aaron Swartz who graciously spend a lot of time fighting for the web.

If you haven’t already seen the documentation about Aaron Swartz I can only recommend to watch it now. And maybe, as you’ll aready be in the mood for this, you might want to watch Citizenfour afterwards. Both are great movies that show how important it is to keep freedom, equality and the openness and privacy of the internet. Sadly they also show how easy this all can be underminded by governmental institutions.


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