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it’s Friday again and another edition of the WDRL is here. If you have some spare time, please contribute your ideas to this year’s netawards nominations: Add your favorite projects and people of the year to the list. They will thank you and appreciate your effort.

Did you wake up early today, quickly brewing a coffee, then start working while sipping it and already feel exhausted again? Then you might want to change this habit. It’s a better start into the day when you can actually enjoy your first cup of coffee or tea and take it with ease. And usually that leads to more productivity than when your brain is blocked by stress.

Now make it an easy Friday and enjoy reading some of the best articles in web development this week:


Concepts & Design

Generic / Tools

Web Performance & Security



CSS / Sass

Work life

Go beyond…

And with that I’ll close for this week. In case you like what I write each week, please support me via Flattr, gratipay or share this resource with other people. You can learn more about the costs of the project here. It’s available via E-Mail, RSS and online.

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