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Hey again,

I don’t know where you live but here in Germany spring is clearly making a sign and I’m sitting in the sun at 20 degrees finishing your weekly roundup. The last week was all under the sign of anniversaries. With git turning 10 years old and A Dao of Web Design turning 15, we can look back for a short moment and reflect how git helped us building website and what changed from building websites 15 years ago and today when we build fully responsive, adaptive interfaces and web applications right in the browser with tools we would never have imagined having back then. And while we’re at it: It’s GitHub’s birthday today and in the 7 years that they exist, they helped the open source community and individuals so much that I just want to thank them.

Now before leaving you with the articles of the week, here’s a reminder that only 9 days are left to nominate your beloved projects and people for the netawards. Keep in mind that it’s one of the few awards where you can propose anyone regardless if anyone else knows him/her, so take the chance and thank the people you admire. And now, have a great weekend and enjoy it:


Infographic by Atlassian showing number 10 and sets it into relationship with git related development steps over the past years




Web Performance



CSS / Sass

Work life

Go beyond…

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