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Colorless Designs, Simple Forms, Native Web Videos, and Rendering The Web.

Hi, I’m Anselm Hannemann. Freelance webdesigner, frontend engineer, advisor. Curating WDRL, growing vegetables on a market garden farm.

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One of the hard problems in web technology is the right balance between technical complexity, smart solutions and a nice user experience that isn’t creating cognitive overload. With Brad Frost’s examples of this gone wrong in Login forms that show how smart technological choices have been made but without thinking about the user we can learn how to do better. And it’s starting by optimizing how to show video live streams that are working like a native integration and reduces additional clicks or taps by users, it’s by providing a file uploader that can fetch images also from other web services like Instagram, Dropbox or similar. And I really enjoyed reading why it can be useful to design without color first. Have fun reading my week’s article compilation now.






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