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Break Boxes, Common Voice, And Automated Accessibility Audits

Hi, I’m Anselm Hannemann. Freelance webdesigner, frontend engineer, advisor. Curating WDRL, growing vegetables on a market garden farm.

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do you sometimes feel like your brain doesn’t want to learn, read anymore during work? That’s normal, it’s something most of us experience from time to time when we have too much to do and then overload our brains with even more. I’m totally aware that my newsletter is not helpful in that regards, as it contains more things to learn. But it’s the very reason why I try to add a diverse, open minded set of articles that aren’t entirely frontend or tech related. And in weeks like this one where there aren’t too many articles I realize how relieving it is to not have fifty articles to read and summarize but only a few. Let’s give our brains a way of escape when it tells us to—by switching topics and winding down a bit.

Here’s one more thing: The periodic—yet not regular—reminder to give a bit back if you enjoy reading my weekly writings and summary of articles. I rely on it and cashflow has been dropping again over the past months significantly. Any amount, any type of contribution is something I’m thankful for—no matter if one time, each year, each week.





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