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this week is one of those where it’s hard to decide which articles to leave in and which to filter out for the weekly letter. And while we face tons of new tools, scripts, design approaches it’s also important to have a look beyond what’s going on technically. Without your mind, your body, your soul, your work will suffer. We need to find a way to not only work efficiently but also to live and to explore new things besides programming and work. You probably noticed earlier already but I added a section called “Work & Live” here which covers exactly those aspects.

But now towards some concrete reading before you hopefully can enjoy your weekend:


Concepts & Design

Generic / Tools

Web Performance



CSS / Sass

Work & live

“We were told to surf the web, but in the end the web serf’d us.”—A Case examining tech recruitment, tech workers, tech leaders, social and humanity.

Go beyond…

Image of a bright and translucent, green shining iceberg that flipped over a couple of minutes before
The amazing photo of an iceberg flipped-over a couple of minutes before.
Click the image to get insights on how the photographer Alex Cornell shot it and how it was to get hyped in the media.

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